Indulge in the golden sweetness of 'Veedebee Honey', a collection of unique gifts from South Africa. Our exquisite honey is a perfect choice for birthday gifts or special occasions. Sourced from the heart of South Africa, our honey captures the essence of the country's diverse flora. With its unique flavors and exceptional quality, 'Veedebee Honey' offers a taste of South African authenticity. Explore our collection for gift ideas that celebrate the richness and natural beauty of South Africa, one jar of honey at a time.

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    Spicey Cinnamon honey Veedebee
    Spiced Cinnamon honey
    R 150.00
    Espresso Honey Veedebee
    Espresso Honey
    R 200.00
    Vanilla Rose Honey Bee Festive
    Vanilla Rose Honey
    R 150.00
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