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    Discover an enchanting showcase of unique gifts from South Africa in our carefully curated 'Gifts under R1500' collection. Explore a wide array of bespoke birthday gifts for children, men, and women that are thoughtfully selected to fit your budget. From customised presents to traditional crafts, our diverse selection offers a myriad of gift ideas, all under R1500. Whether you're searching for gifts for girls, boys, or treasured adults in your life, our collection guarantees to deliver memorable experiences wrapped in the authentic essence of South Africa. Embrace the joy of giving and explore our 'Gifts under R1500' collection to find the perfect gift that will leave a lasting impression. Have a look on Bee Festive today to find that perfect gift.

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    R 1,490.00
    bee festive gift set owl in the moss south africa wine braai
    bee festive gift set owl in the moss south africa wine braai
    Vino Voyage Trio
    R 1,345.00
    Savoury Sun Seeker
    R 1,245.00
    gift set south africa bee festive owl in the moss funky ouma braai
    Outdoor Enchantment
    R 1,100.00
    Whimsical Retreat
    R 1,145.00
    bee festive gift set house warming kitchen gift owl in the moss south africa
    Nature's Harmony Haven
    R 1,290.00
    bee festive house warming gift set kitchen gift south africa owl in the moss
    Cool Cuisine Collective
    R 1,015.00
    Bugs and blooms Bee Festive
    Bugs and blooms
    R 1,500.00
    Flower and Flight Bee Festive
    Flower and Flight
    R 1,150.00
    Flower Press and Flourish Bee Festive
    Flower Press and Flourish
    R 1,020.00
    Bee Fresh Bee Festive
    Bee Fresh Bee Festive
    Bee Fresh
    R 1,110.00
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