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by Cayley Bolleurs


Beehive Beats

Dive In as We Uncover Our Hive's Top Tune Picks!

Welcome to Beehive Beats, the buzzing blog where music meets the enchanting world of Bee Festive! We're thrilled to have you join our vibrant community hive, where we celebrate the harmony of melodies and the joy of coming together. 


At Beehive Beats, we've embarked on a musical journey, curating a collection of our South African vendor's favourite songs at the moment. These hand-picked tunes are the heart and soul of the blog, and we can't wait to share them with you. Get ready to tap your feet, sing along, and immerse yourself in the whimsical atmosphere of Bee Festive. 

bee festive beehive beats south africa

Like bees in a hive, music unites us in a harmonious dance, creating a buzz of joy and togetherness

In this hive of musical inspiration, we foster a warm and welcoming community atmosphere. We believe that music has the power to bring people together, transcending boundaries and creating bonds. That's why we encourage you to participate, engage, and share your thoughts and favourite songs with our hive.

As you explore Beehive Beats, you'll discover a delightful array of melodies that reflect the diverse tastes and personalities of our vendors. From catchy beats that make you want to dance to soothing melodies that transport you to a serene garden, our collection has something for every mood and occasion.

But Beehive Beats isn't just about music—it's a place to connect with kindred spirits who share your love for bee festive vibes. Join our hive-minded community, where we exchange stories, recommendations, and experiences. Together, we'll create an atmosphere that is as sweet as honey and as vibrant as a field of blooming flowers.

bee festive beehive beats south africa
bee festive beehive beats south africa

Stay tuned as we unveil our vendor spotlights, each featuring a beloved vendor and their favorite song. Dive into their world, discover their inspirations, and connect with the heartbeat behind their craft. And don't forget to check out our curated playlists, carefully crafted to uplift your spirits and set the stage for a truly bee-tastic experience.

So, join us at Beehive Beats, where music and bee festive collide. Together, let's create a symphony of joy, unity, and celebration. Let the melodies guide you, and let the rhythm of our community hive carry you away on a magical journey. Get ready to sway, hum, and revel in the wonders of Beehive Beats. Welcome to the hive!

Let the Beehive Beats Begin!

Vendor: Shannon Ullbricht Illustration

Favourite Song: "Came Here For Love" by Sigala, Ella Eyre

For Shannon Ullbricht, each stroke of her paintbrush is a love note to South Africa, each watercolour palette a different city, singing in hues of enchantment. It's no wonder her favourite song is “Came Here For Love” by Sigala and Elle Eyre - a melody that's all about seeking connection and embracing emotion, just like her art. 

Her illustrations are not just portraits of places, they're heart songs capturing the unique spirit and beauty of each city. Cape Town shimmers in beautiful landscapes, Johannesburg pulses purple, and Durban radiates the deep blue sea, all depicted with gentle embrace of watercolours. 

Just as Sigala's song fills us with an irresistible urge to dance, Shannon's art urges us to fall in love- with South Africa, with colour. The world is seen through her imaginative lens. Come for the art, stay for the love, and let the rhythm of her brush strokes set your heart dancing!

Vendor: Anna Rosholt Jewellery

Favourite Song: "Queen Bee" by Taj Mahal

If there's one thing that Anna Rosholt understands, it's the power of intricate details and shining individuality - much like the enchanting notes of her favourite song, “Queen Bee” by Taj Mahal. A remarkable fusion of blues, folks, and world music, this song resonates with Anna's own approach to crafting jewellery. 

Her designs are like honey - sweet, alluring, and mesmerising golden, drawing inspiration from the beauty of the natural world. In every piece of Anna's jewellery, you'll feel the same soulful vibe that “Queen Bee” exudes - an exquisite mix of passion, creativity and a love for things that sparkle.  

Just as Taj Mahal serenades his ‘queen bee’, inviting her to ‘buzz’ around him, Anna's jewellery invites you to surround yourself with beauty, radiant elegance, and be the queen bee of your own hive.  After all, isn't that what wearing fantastic jewellery is all about? Buzzing in your own unique, captivating way, just like the queen bee herself!

Vendor: Owl in the Moss

Favourite Song: "Masterpiece" by Reubens.

When you you think about Owl in the Moss, think masterpieces, much like her favourite tune “Masterpiece” by Reubens. This song is all about crafting something beautiful, precious and unique - just like Jess Watson's meticulously crafted lifestyle products. 

Her brand channels the essence of Africa, its stunning wildlife and mesmerising nature, onto everyday items, transforming them into works of art. Just as Reubens' "Masterpiece" weaves a rich tapestry of sound and emotion, Owl in the Moss weaves the wild spirit of Africa into every print. 

Can you hear the whispering winds of the Bushveld in the rustling of the cooler bags, or catch the proud gaze of an African bee on a tote bag? These are not just decor items, they're stories - painted in vibrant colours, etched in rich textures, and singing the symphony of the wilderness. 

As you wrap your hands around a napkin adorned by the bushveld with African animals, or let a Ellie and friends towel drape over your shoulder, remember this: You're not just holding a product. You're holding a piece of Africa, a touch of wilderness, a slice of beauty, a true “masterpiece” - as wild and wonderful as Reubens' iconic song.

Vendor: Creative Barn

Favourite Song: "Sign of the Times" by Harry Styles

Creative Barn is a dynamic husband-and-wife duo who turn your products into visual masterpieces, reminiscent of their favourite tune “Sign of the times” by Harry Styles. Just as Harry's melody exudes allure and emotional depth, their photography encapsulates the unique spirit of each product. 

In the fast-paced world of social media and product marketing, they're not just keeping up, they're setting the tempo. Like Harry Styles in music, Creative Barn are trendsetters, always exploring new trends and technologies. 

Beyond capturing eye-catching visuals, they're passionate about educating small businesses on leveraging product photography and social media effectively. Just as Happy Styles's song leaves a lasting impression, they make sure your products leave an indelible mark on your audience's minds. After all, isn't that real power of great photography? 

Vendor: Veedebee

Favourite Song: "Soul" by Lee Brice.  

Veedebee is all about sweet symphonies, much like their favourite song "Soul" by Lee Brice. This honey creator infuses their batches with a beautiful variety of flavours - spicy cinnamon, aromatic espresso, and enchanting vanilla rose. Just as Lee Brice's song touches the depths of your soul with its stirring melody, each spoonful of Veedebee's honey soothes the palate and warms the heart.

Their craft mirrors the essence of the song - raw, authentic, and deeply touching. The spicy kick of cinnamon, the rich darkness of espresso, and the floral notes of vanilla rose create a chorus of flavours, just as harmonious and expressive as Lee Brice's "Soul".

So, ready for a symphony of sweetness? Let Veedebee's honey play on your taste buds, while Lee Brice serenades your soul. Together, they craft a melodious, unforgettable experience, as heartwarming as a song that truly touches the soul.

Vendor: Wild Fig

Favourite Song: "My Mind" by Ryan Harris

As Nat Pienaar spins fabric into beautiful table runners, napkins, and more, her loom dances to the rhythm of “My Mind” by Ryan Harris. It's not just the song's captivating melody that fuels her creativity; there's an extra sprinkle of joy in knowing that the artist shares a name with her husband, Ryan! 

Just as Harris weaves a beautiful narrative through his music, Nat threads together intricate designs and patterns that turn simple textiles into pieces of art. Every stitch, every fold, every colour echoes a note from "My Mind", infusing Wild Fig's creations with a symphony of creativity. 

Fun, delightful, and as beautiful as Ryan Harris's music, Wild Fig's textiles are a testament to the magic that can be woven when inspiration meets craft. So, next time you admire a Wild Fig creation, remember - it's not just a product, it's a melody spun into fabric, a reflection of “My Mind”, a piece of Nat's heart sewn just for you. 

Vendor: Wild Kid Books SA

Favourite Song: "Waloyo Yamoni"

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Wild Kid Books, where Kayleigh brings to life tales of nature and conservation. As captivating as her favourite song, "Waloyo Yamoni", each of her children's books is a melodic journey through the wilderness, designed to stir curiosity and teach the young minds about the wonders of the natural world. 

"Waloyo Yamoni", a song rich in cultural heritage and rhythmic beauty, parallels Kayleigh's commitment to craft meaningful, educational narratives. Like the song, her books transcend ordinary storytelling, transforming reading time into a vibrant exploration of nature, akin to a bush holiday adventure!

As passionate about nature and education as she is about the soothing strains of “Waloyo Yamoni”, Kayleigh weaves her love for the outdoors into every page. So, prepare for an enthralling expedition with her books by your side. They're not just tales - they're a symphony of words, harmoniously tied to the rhythm of nature. 

Vendor: Studio Jot

Favourite Song: "Cold Little Heart" by Michael Kiwanuka

Enter the creative universe of Studio Jot, where every stroke of Greer's pen dances to the soulful rhythm of "Cold Little Heart" by Michael Kiwanuka. As the melodious chords fill her studio, her graphic designs spring to life with vibrancy and charm, mirroring the energy of the music and her quirky, fun-loving personality.

Just as Kiwanuka's music envelopes you in a warm, profound depth of emotion, Greer's designs envelop you in a world of color, creativity, and originality. The Bee Festive logo and branding? That's a testament to her ability to capture the essence of a brand in her art. It’s not just a logo, it's a visual symphony, inspired by the rhythm of Kiwanuka's captivating tunes.

Greer is not just a graphic designer. She's a maestro of design, her workspace a studio, her tools instruments, and her compositions a collection of beautifully orchestrated designs. Every project she tales on is a new song in her playlist, filled with puns, humour and harmony of visuals. SO next time you see the Bee Festive logo, listen closely; you might just hear the echo of “Kiwanuka” playing in the background. 

Vendor: eSJay Artistry

Favourite Song: "Big Love, Small Moments" by JJ Heller

Sarah from eSJay Artistry weaves tales of beauty through her art, echoing the sentiments of her favourite song, "Big Love, Small Moments" by JJ Heller. Just as Heller finds beauty and love in the small moments, Sarah captures these in every brushstroke, creating a symphony of colour and emotion.

From intricate flowers to delightful tea sets, each piece of art reflects a small, cherished moment captured in time. The love and attention to detail in her work resonates with Heller's heartfelt lyrics, evoking a sense of joy and tranquility. And her cute Hadeda cards? They're little messengers carrying big love, just waiting to be shared. 

Sarah's art is not just visually captivating - it's a celebration of life's small moments. It's a reminder that in every moment, no matter how small, there's a chance for big love, much like the song that inspires her. So, let Sarah's art transport you into a world where love thrives in every moment, every stroke, every note, and every cards. 

Vendor: VELT Designs

Favourite Song: "Right Down the Line" by Gerry Rafferty

Nicola from VELT Designs has found her rhythm in the gentle melodies of Gerry Rafferty's "Right Down the Line". Just as the song stands as a timeless classic, capturing hearts with its enduring charm, Nicola's flower press artworks preserve the fleeting beauty of nature, making them timeless keepsakes.

In every petal and leaf that Nicola presses, she captures a piece of nature's soul, echoing Rafferty's knack for encapsulating emotion in his music. Each carefully preserved flower is like a note in a song, coming together to create a melodious artwork that sings of nature's splendour.

Nicola's work isn't just about creating beautiful art pieces, it's a love letter to nature, a dedication to preserving its charm, much like how “Right Down the Line” expresses enduring love. So, as "Rafferty's tunes fill your space, let VELT Designs fill your life with the preserved beauty of nature, right down the line. 

Vendor: Wackadoodle Crayons

Favourite Song: "Waffle House" by Jonas Brothers

Just like the energy-filled tune of the Jonas Brothers' "Waffle House", Wackadoodle Crayons are all about adding a vibrant splash of fun and creativity into learning. Their 100% natural crayons are not just tools for drawing, but instruments that tune into children's developmental needs, fostering fine motor skills, free play, and a rainbow of other learning opportunities.

In the same vein as the catchy, feel-good vibes of "Waffle House", Wackadoodle Crayons strive to bring joy and colour into every child's day. Whether it's aiding in occupational therapy, bolstering play therapy, or simply providing a fun way to learn, these crayons hit all the right notes. 

As the Jonas Brothers fill your space with their lively tunes, let Wackadoodle Crayons fill your child's world with wholesome fun and meaningful learning. They're not just crayons - they're a melody of colours, enriching every child's journey of growth and discovery, one delightful scribble at a time.

Vendor: Dop Table

Favourite Song: "Howlin' For You" by The Black Keys

Picnic enthusiasts, meet Dop Table - your new best friend for outdoor leisure. Much like their favourite track, "Howlin' For You" by The Black Keys, their portable tables embody a sense of freedom and adventurous spirit. Just as the song stirs an irresistible urge to let loose and revel in the moment, Dop Table enhances your picnic experience, allowing you to savour the joy of the outdoors unencumbered.

The Dop Table, designed with slots for your wine, glasses, and snacks, is as well-orchestrated as a Black Keys' song. It's the perfect picnic companion that harmonises with any setting – whether you're on a beach, a grassy hill, or even in your own backyard. 

Now, let the catchy riffs of “Howlin' for you” be the soundtrack to your next picnic, and let Dop Table take care of the rest. Here's to enjoying life's simple pleasures, amplified by the Dop Table - because, just like a great song, the best moments in life are those we can freely savour wherever we are. 

Vendor: Liv Bespoke Toys

Favourite Song: "Blessing" by Hollow Coves

Just as Hollow Coves' "Blessing" fills the air with warmth and tranquility, Liv Bespoke Toys fills little hands with love, crafting wooden toys that are as much a blessing as the song that inspires them. Every toy, whether a little bunny car or a farm animal, is handcrafted, hand-carved, and handmade with an abundance of love.

Much like the soothing harmonies and heartfelt lyrics of "Blessing", each of Liv's creations is a work of art, designed to inspire joy, creativity, and endless hours of play. The wooden toys aren't just playthings – they're hand-carved treasures, little blessings in the form of wild animals and bunny cars, destined to become a part of childhood memories. 

So, let the soft beats of “Blessing” guide your little ones into a world of imaginative play with Live Bespoke Toys. They're more than just toys - they're handcrafted blessings, spreading joy and love, one wooden toy at a time. 

Vendor: Cherry Blossom

Favourite Song: "Beautiful Day" by U2

Cherry Blossom, much like their favourite song "Beautiful Day" by U2, embodies the spirit of embracing the beauty in each day. They express this ethos through their creations - delicate clay earrings that are as joyous and uplifting as the song that inspires them.

Just as U2's music is filled with heart-stirring lyrics and melodies, Cherry Blossom's earrings are little masterpieces, each a testament to the beauty of creativity. Crafted with care and passion, each pair of earrings is a harmonious blend of colour, form, and style - an echo of the song's uplifting spirit. 

Let Cherry Blossom's earrings add a touch of colour to your day while U2's “Beautiful Day” plays in the background. Together, they create a symphony of joy and beauty, just waiting to brighten your day. Because Cherry Blossom, every day is indeed a beautiful day. 

Vendor: Hip Pip

Favourite Song: "Left and Right" by Charlie Puth

Just as Charlie Puth weaves magic with his tunes in "Left and Right", Hip Pip brings the magic of art to everyday items, creating beautiful prints on tea towels and cosmetic bags. As Puth's rhythm fills the air, Hip Pip's pieces fill your life with charm, adding an artistic touch to your day-to-day routine.

The creativity and soul put into each Hip Pip's design are as expressive as the harmonies in "Left and Right". Each item is a canvas that carries a unique narrative, turning ordinary tea towels and cosmetic bags into pieces of art, just as Puth turns simple words into a melodious masterpiece.

Every piece from Hip Pip offers a rhythmic dance of art in your day-to-day life, harmonising beautifully with Charlie Puth's “Left and Right” playing in the background. With each beat and brushstroke, they invite you to join in their celebration of art and music, wrapped in the everyday beauty of life. 

Vendor: Stay Wild SA

Favourite Song: "Skinny Blues" by Jeremy Loops

Stay Wild SA echoes the free-spirited vibe of Jeremy Loops' "Skinny Blues" through their exciting range of fun caps. Just as the song embraces the spirit of freedom and individuality, so does each Stay Wild cap, serving as a bold statement to live life on your own terms.

Their caps aren't just fashion accessories, but a declaration of a lifestyle, much like Loops' music - bold, free, and unapologetically authentic. The phrase "Stay Wild" inscribed on each cap mirrors the spirit of "Skinny Blues", embodying the spirit of staying true to oneself. / Embrace the ‘Stay Wild’ philosophy with their fun caps while losing yourself in the rhythmic flow of “Skinny Blues”. With Stay Wild SA and Jeremy Loops, you're not just wearing a cap or listening to a song - you're embracing a way of life that celebrates freedom, individuality, and wild authenticity. 

Vendor: Tish & Shoo

Favourite Song: "Firework" by Katy Perry

With a bang and a sparkle much like Katy Perry's hit song "Firework", Tish & Shoo bring life to your packaging needs. Their vibrant tissue paper, twine, and boxes add the final, celebratory touch to your gifts, ensuring each unboxing experience is as exciting as the crescendo in Perry's iconic track.

Tish & Shoo are not just a packaging company, they're the grand finale to every gift - the firework that lights up each recipient's face with joy. Their quality materials and vibrant designs mirror the vivacity and spirit of "Firework", ensuring your gifts leave a lasting impression.

Immerse yourself in the burst of colours from Tish & Shoo's packaging while you sway to the rhythms of “Firework”. With Tish & Shoo and Katy Perry, every unboxing can feel like a celebration, and every gift can leave a sparkle, just like firework lighting up the night sky. 

Vendor: Ellie & May

Favourite Song: "Great Heart" by Johnny Clegg

Much like the inspiring and heartfelt message in Johnny Clegg's "Great Heart", Ellie & May craft their caps and hats with a noble purpose in mind. Amy's passion for wildlife and conservation shines through in her creations, echoing the compassionate rhythm of "Great Heart". Each sale contributes to a cause close to her heart - elephant conservation in Africa, honouring a legacy while creating new ones.

Every cap and hat from Ellie & May tells a story. A story of love for wildlife, a commitment to conservation, and a tribute to a lost loved one. The sentimentality of "Great Heart" resonates deeply with the values of Ellie & May, connecting music, fashion, and wildlife conservation in a beautiful symphony.

Enjoy the warm melodies of “Great Heart” as you wear an Ellie & May cap or hat, and become part of the herd that celebrates wildlife, preserves a precious legacy, and supports a great cause. In this way, Ellie & May, like Clegg's song, inspire us to lead with our hearts and contribute to making the world a better place. 

Vendor: Art by Mareli

Favourite Song: "Something in the Orange" by Zach Bryan

Art by Mareli captures the essence of Zach Bryan's "Something in the Orange" in her beautiful animal artwork. Much like the tender sentiment and warm hues found in Bryan's song, Mareli's artwork blends the natural charm of animals with the vibrant allure of blooming flowers.

Based in the picturesque town of Stellenbosch, Mareli's artwork is a tribute to the natural beauty surrounding her. Her creations, much like Bryan's song, evoke a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the simple yet profound beauty of nature.

Savour the sweet melody of “Something in the Orange” as you appreciate the intricate details in Mareli's beautiful cards available on Bee Festive. Every piece of art is a serenade of nature, a perfect accompaniment to Bryan's soulful music. Here's to celebrating art and music that capture the simple, beautiful moments that make life truly magical.  

Vendor: Funky Ouma

Favourite Song: "Follow the Sun" by Xavier Rudd

As rhythmic and heartwarming as Xavier Rudd's "Follow the Sun", Funky Ouma crafts a symphony of flavour with their range of herb-filled salts and spices. Born from the lifelong passion of a funky grandmother, and carried forward by her daughter, Funky Ouma is the delicious legacy of a family's love for nature's bounty.

Just as Rudd's song echoes the journey of the sun, Funky Ouma's salts and spices take you on a journey through taste, from the coarse salt of Walvis Bay and the Himalayas to the home-grown herbs of their garden. Each grinder packed with these flavourful creations is a testament to their commitment to providing a natural, healthier, and tastier alternative to everyday seasonings.

As you enjoy the soothing sounds of “Follow the Sun”, treat your palate to the flavourful symphony of Funky Ouma's salts and spices. Here's to the harmonious fusion of music and flavour, a journey for the senses, led by the sun and the earth's natural goodness. Experience the warmth of the sun and the richness of the earth in every mean with Funky Ouma.

Vendor: Crazy Cow Leather

Favourite Song: "Basket Case" by Green Day

With an ethos that embraces fun, authenticity, and affordability, Crazy Cow mirrors the catchy, straight-shooting style of Green Day's hit song. Every product, made from sustainable local materials, reflects the uncontainable spirit of its creator. From sling bags to wallets and wine carriers, every item sings its own unique, "Crazy" song.

So crank up “Basket Case” and let your own crazy shine through with a piece from Crazy Cow Leather. Each purchase supports local communities, blending feel-good music with feel-good shopping. Rock on with Crazy Cow Leather!

Vendor: Craft Leather Goods

Favourite Song: "I Lived" by OneRepublic

Just as OneRepublic's "I Lived" fills us with a sense of life's vibrancy, Craft Leather Goods, managed by the friendly and dedicated mompreneur Nats, pours the same energy into every product. Based out of Durban, Nats infuses her charm and passion into the brand, crafting beautiful alicebands, bag straps, and clay earrings.

Craft Leather Goods, much like the anthem "I Lived", is all about embracing life's richness and expressing it through unique, handcrafted pieces. Each of their creations reflects Nats' spirit and the lively rhythm of the song. Bee Festive is proud to stock these accessories that embody Nats' vivacity and dedication to her craft.

Tap your feet to “I Lived”, discovery the beauty of Craft Leather Goods. With every aliceband worn, bag strap slung, or clay earring displayed, you're carrying a piece of Nats' zest for life and her celebration of every moment lived.

Vendor: Amanda Jayne Candles

Favourite Song: "For My Hand" by Bruno Boy

The enchanting aura of Amanda Jayne Candles finds its perfect soundtrack in Bruno Boy's ethereal "For My Hand." This brand is a symphony of natural fragrances, echoing the song's soft harmonies and creating an elegant sensory escape. Hand-crafted in Cape Town, Amanda Jayne Candles are the embodiment of nature's poetry translated into aromatic home and body products.

Just as Bruno Boy's song unfolds with delicate complexity, Amanda Jayne's collection is a vibrant exploration of scents that elevate everyday life. Founded by Amanda in 2016, the brand has grown to include everything from scented soy wax candles to essential oils, a luxurious hand and body range, and evocative scented gifts, all inspired by the stirring power of fragrances.

Every time you light an Amanda Jayne candle or use one of her bespoke home fragrances, you can imagine the gentle sounds of “For My Hand” playing in the background, setting a serene mood. Let the captivating harmony of Amanda Jayne's natural and cruelty-free products transport you to a place of peace and inspiration. 

Vendor: Kate Rankin Photography

Favourite Song: "Rocket Man" by Elton John

Just as Elton John's "Rocket Man" transports listeners to the vast and mesmerising expanse of space, Kate Rankin's photography takes you on a journey to the stunning depths of everyday moments. Kate, a lifestyle and natural light photographer based in Fourways, Johannesburg, is all about capturing life as it unfolds, forever preserving memories through her lens.

Kate's approach to photography mirrors the spirit of "Rocket Man" - evocative, introspective, and utterly captivating. For her, life is a canvas of infinite possibilities, every instant a potential masterpiece. She believes that 'love is in the details,' a mantra that shines through in the impeccable quality of her work.

Next time you see one of Kate Rankin;s photographs, let the notes of “Rocket Man” play in your mind. Like Elton's timeless classic, Kate's photography encapsulates the boundless beauty of our lives, and the small, loving details that make every moment worth capturing. 

And that's a wrap!

As the music fades and the last notes of our eclectic playlist ring out, it's time to step back from the dance floor (also known as our bustling hive of creativity). What a symphony of stories we've heard, each unique tune underscoring the lives and passions of our incredibly diverse, vibrant community.

We want to take a moment here to thank each of our vendors for taking part in Beehive Beats. Thank you for sharing not just your favourite tunes, but a slice of your lives and passions with us. It's been a joyous journey, a festival of sights, sounds, and stories. In this hive, we don't just make products; we create harmony, and each of you plays a key note.

And to you, our readers - thanks for bee-ing here (couldn't resist that pun) and buzzing along with us. We hope you've enjoyed this behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of those who make our hive hum. We've learned that whether we're handcrafting jewelry, pressing flowers, shooting photos, or belting out our favorite songs, it all adds up to one thing: a community that’s truly alive.

So, keep your antennas tuned for more insights into the lives of our remarkable vendors. After all, at Bee Festive, every day is a beautiful symphony of creativity and community. And we can't wait to keep making music with all of you.

Remember, life's a song, so keep buzzing along. Until next time, Bee Festive and keep the rhythm of our hive alive. 

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