Bee-hold! DIY Delights for Dad: Age-Appropriate Fun This Father's Day

Written by: Cayley Bolleurs



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Bee-hold! Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to get crafty and create some delightful homemade surprises for dad with Bee Festive.

We've got a hive full of age-appropriate ideas that will make this Father's Day truly special for all families out there. Let's dive into the world of DIY delights and discover the perfect project for you!

Father's Day gift guide

Busy Bees (Ages 1-3):

Even our littlest buzzing bees can join in the Father's Day fun! For this age group, focus on sensory activities and simple crafts that engage their curious minds. 

  1. Do a Daddy & Me DIY biscuit painting activity. Check out the product below.
  2. Consider making a handprint painting using child-friendly and washable paints or creating a personalised photo album with pictures of dad and your little one. These adorable creations will bring smiles to everyone's faces and create lasting memories. 
  3. Printing one of our free, downloadable Father's Day colouring in pages. 

    Click below:

    1. Happy Father's Day
    2. Fishing Dad, Happy Father's Day
    3. Builder Dad, Happy Father's Day
    4. Cool Dad, Happy Father's Day

Creative Colony (Ages 3-6):

Little ones, get ready to buzz with excitement as we embark on a creative adventure! From handmade cards adorned with cute bee drawings to fingerprint art that captures precious memories, these crafts are sure to bring a smile to dad's face.

  1. Handmade Card: Help your child create a buzz-worthy Father's Day card featuring cute bee drawings and heartfelt messages. Use colorful construction paper, markers, and stickers to make it extra special.

  2. Fingerprint Art Masterpiece: Encourage your little one to express their creativity with fingerprint art. They can make cute bees, flowers, or even a family portrait using washable ink pads and their tiny fingertips.

  3. Decorative Picture Frame: Transform a plain wooden or cardboard frame into a personalized masterpiece. Let your child decorate it with paint, glitter, stickers, or even small fabric flowers. Insert a favorite photo of them with dad for a heartwarming touch.

  4. Handprint Apron: Help your child create a unique handprint apron for dad to wear while cooking or crafting. Use fabric paint to create colorful handprints on a plain apron, and add their name or a special message for a personal touch.

  5. "Coupon Book" of Love: Help your child make a DIY coupon book filled with special activities or favors they can offer to dad. Examples could include "One free hug," "Helping with chores," or "A day at the park." Dad can redeem these coupons throughout the year for some quality bonding time.


Junior Craftsmen (Ages 7-12):

Calling all young artists and crafters! Let your imagination take flight as you create personalized gifts for dad. How about designing a custom photo frame with popsicle sticks or crafting a keychain that showcases his favorite hobbies? The possibilities are endless, and the joy of seeing dad's reaction will be priceless.

  1. Personalized Photo Puzzle: Turn a favorite family photo into a fun and interactive gift. Print the photo on sturdy cardstock and cut it into puzzle pieces. Place the pieces in an envelope or box for dad to assemble and enjoy.

  2. Homemade Keychain: Design a unique keychain for dad using colorful beads, alphabet charms, and other decorative elements. Let your imagination run wild and create a personalized accessory that he can proudly carry with him.

  3. Customized T-shirt: Transform a plain white t-shirt into a personalized masterpiece. Use fabric paints or markers to write a special message or draw a design that represents dad's interests or hobbies. Don't forget to add your artistic touch!

  4. Mini Tool Caddy: Help dad keep his tools organized with a DIY tool caddy. Decorate a small wooden box with paint, stickers, or decoupage techniques. Dad will appreciate having a dedicated space to store his essential tools.

  5. Memory Jar: Create a memory jar filled with small notes or tokens that represent special moments with dad. Decorate a jar and encourage family members to write down their favorite memories, jokes, or messages for dad. He can open and read these heartfelt messages whenever he wants a smile.

  6. DIY Desk Organizer: Build a functional and stylish desk organizer for dad's workspace. Use recycled materials like cardboard or empty containers to create compartments for pens, paper clips, and other office supplies. Decorate it with colorful paper or fabric to make it visually appealing.


Teen Worker Bees (Ages 13-18):

Teens, it's time to show off your skills and create something truly special for dad. Consider making a personalised tie-dye shirt, a DIY desk organiser, or even a custom-engraved wooden plaque. Let your creativity soar and make dad's day a memorable one.

  1. Personalised Travel Mug: Decorate an Owl in the Moss mug with dad's initials or name. At Bee Festive we can do this for you.
  2. Customised Sports Jersey: Design a personalised sports jersey for dad with his favourite team's colours and his name or lucky number on the back. Use fabric paint or iron-on letters to create a professional-looking design. It will be a proud addition to his sports collection.
  3. DIY Sports Equipment Organiser: Help dad keep his sports gear organised with a custom-made equipment organiser. Build a sturdy wooden rack or use PVC pipes to create compartments for his golf clubs, tennis rackets, or fishing rods. Add hooks or shelves for smaller accessories like balls, gloves, or caps.

Buzzing Artisans (Ages 19 and beyond):

Even as adults, we can still channel our inner DIY enthusiasts and craft heartfelt gifts for dad. How about designing a custom coffee mug, creating a scrapbook filled with cherished memories, or assembling a homemade gourmet gift basket? The effort and love you put into these projects will be evident and appreciated.

  1. Braai Master's Apron: Customize a sturdy apron for dad, perfect for his grilling adventures. Use fabric paints or iron-on transfers to add fun designs, his name, or a humorous message. It will be a practical and personalized gift that he can proudly wear during braais (barbecues).

  2. Homemade Gourmet Spice Rubs: Prepare a selection of homemade spice rubs for dad's culinary endeavors. Mix together aromatic herbs, spices, and South African flavors like peri-peri, braai seasoning, or biltong spice. Package them in decorative jars with personalized labels.

  3. DIY Beer or Wine Caddy: Build a wooden beer or wine caddy for dad to transport his favorite beverages with style. Customize it with his initials, favorite sports team logo, or a witty quote. It will make his outdoor adventures or gatherings with friends even more enjoyable.


Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and let your creativity shine. Whether it's a simple handmade card or a more elaborate project, what matters is the thought and effort you put into creating a gift that reflects your love and appreciation for dad.

So, gather your crafting supplies, put on your creative cap, and let's get busy with our DIY delights for dad! This Father's Day, let's show dad just how much he means to us with these bee-autiful, age-appropriate creations.