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Wedding anniversaries are a wonderful occasion for couples to celebrate the love and commitment they have shared over the years. A thoughtful and meaningful gift can make the celebration even more special. Traditionally, each wedding anniversary is associated with a specific material or theme, and over time, this has evolved into a comprehensive list of anniversary gifts by year. In this blog, we will explore the traditional, modern, flowers and gemstone wedding anniversary gifts by year and provide some ideas for gifts from locally produced and sourced, South African brands that are sure to delight your significant other.

1st Anniversary:

Paper (Traditional) / Clocks (Modern) / Flower (Carnation) / Jewellery (Mother of pearl).

The first anniversary is traditionally associated with paper, representing the blank page on which your life together is written.

For a traditional gift, consider a personalised journal, photo album, a framed wedding photo or beautiful print from your favourite South African artist.

For a modern twist, you could opt for a clock, symbolising the precious time you have spent together. A beautiful clock can be both decorative and functional. 

The Carnation flower is the official first anniversary flower. The reason for this is that carnations represent fondness, which is the same fondness you hold for your significant other. Carnations are available in a variety of hues, spanning from pale yellow to vivid blue.

Mother of pearl is associated with the first wedding anniversary because it represents the beauty that can arise from a union that is just beginning to take shape.

Why is the first year of marriage like a learning to ride a bike?

Because even though you're wobbling all over the place, you're still moving forward!

2nd Anniversary:

Cotton (Traditional) / China (Modern) / Flower (Lily of the valley) / Jewellery (Garnet).

The second anniversary is associated with cotton, representing the comfort and versatility that come with a strong and flexible relationship. Consider a cozy throw blanket, a set of luxurious cotton sheets or a beautiful outfit.

For a modern gift, consider fine china, which represents the beauty and delicacy of your relationship.

Lily of the valley represents the innocence and sincerity of your bond, as well as your commitment and loyalty.

The garnet gemstone is commonly associated with feelings of allure and resolute perseverance. 

Why is the second year of marriage like a car's transmission?

Because you've learned to shift gears and work together, but there are still a few bumps in the road!

3rd Anniversary:

Leather (Traditional) / Crystal or Glass (Modern) / Sunflower (Flower) / Moonstone (Gemstone)

The third anniversary is associated with leather, representing the durability and strength of your relationship. Consider a leather-bound book, a personalised leather journal, a beautiful leather bag or wine carrier. For a modern gift, consider crystal, glass or stunning vase which represent the clarity and transparency of your love.

As the emblem of the third year of marriage, sunflowers embody the enduring strength and resilience of a committed relationship. Their robust stems serve as a symbol for the solid foundation upon which love is built, while their vibrant, sunny hues evoke the warmth and radiance of shared affection. Furthermore, the way sunflowers turn their faces to follow the sun represents the steadfast loyalty and devotion that characterise a lasting partnership.

It is believed that moonstones can bestow good luck, and presenting your beloved with a moonstone necklace during a full moon is thought to ensure enduring passion. Moreover, moonstones are said to attract love and positive energy.

"The best thing about the third year of marriage is realising that you both have survived your first two years together, and knowing that you can get through anything as long as you have each other."

4th Anniversary:

Linen (Traditional) / Appliances (Modern) Hydrangea (Flower) / Blue Topaz (Gemstone)

The fourth anniversary is associated with linen, representing the elegance and refinement of your relationship. Consider a set of high-quality linen napkins, a beautiful tablecloth, or a cozy linen robe.

For a modern twist, consider appliances, which represent the practicality and usefulness of your relationship. Consider upgrading your kitchen with a new coffee maker or a sleek blender.

Hydrangeas represent the deepening comprehension and empathy between two individuals, and are traditionally gifted on the fourth anniversary of marriage. Additionally, they symbolise appreciation and make for an ideal gesture of gratitude towards one's partner for yet another year of wedded bliss.

Blue topaz is a gemstone that is often associated with love and fondness, making it a wonderful choice for a fourth anniversary gift. Furthermore, it is regarded as a symbol of faithfulness and devotion, as it signifies sincerity and profound emotional attachment.

The fourth wedding anniversary is like a superhero movie. In the first year, you're the starry-eyed newlyweds, in the second year, you start to navigate challenges together, in the third year, you become more comfortable with each other, and in the fourth year... you've officially entered the sequel!

5th Anniversary:

Wood (Traditional) / Silverware (Modern) / Daisy (Flower) / Rose Quartz (Gemstone)

The fifth anniversary is associated with wood, representing the strength and durability of your relationship. Consider a personalised wooden cutting board, a rustic wooden picture frame, or a set of wooden coasters.

For a modern gift, consider silverware, which represents the elegance and sophistication of your love. Consider a set of high-quality silverware or a personalised silver-plated serving tray.

Daisies have long been associated with the fifth year of marriage, serving as the traditional flower of celebration. The beauty of the daisy lies in its unassuming simplicity, as its cheerful center represents the enduring connection between partners, while its seven petals represent shared opportunities and experiences. Moreover, daisies are symbolic of loyalty and the enduring devotion that characterises a committed and lasting love.

The daisy is traditionally associated with the fifth year of marriage, serving as a meaningful and poignant symbol of love and devotion. Despite its modest size, the daisy embodies a multitude of powerful meanings, including innocence, pure and unwavering love, and the beauty and simplicity of true affection. 

Additionally, the rose quartz is a gemstone that is often associated with the fifth anniversary, symbolising the enduring bonds of love and friendship that unite partners as they journey through life together.

6th Anniversary:

Iron (Traditional) / Wood objects (Modern) / Calla (Flower) / Amethyst (Gemstone)

For the sixth anniversary, the traditional gift is iron, symbolising the strength and durability of your relationship. Consider unique iron items like home decor or personalised sculptures and jewellery to showcase your enduring love.

The modern gift is wood objects, representing the natural and grounding aspects of your love. Personalise wooden gifts such as cutting boards, picture frames, or coasters to cherish your deep-rooted connection.

The calla lily is the flower associated with the sixth anniversary, symbolising magnificent beauty and purity. Gift a bouquet or a potted plant to convey admiration, or incorporate calla lily-themed decor for an elegant touch.

Amethyst is the gemstone for the sixth anniversary, representing peace, harmony, and balance. Consider amethyst jewellery or unique home decor items like bowls or crystal geodes to add elegance and carry the symbolic significance.

Remember, the most important aspect of any anniversary gift is the thought and love behind it. Tailor your gifts to your partner's preferences and create moments that celebrate your journey together.

7th Anniversary:

Wool, copper (Traditional) / Desk, pen set (Modern) / Freesia (Flower) / Onyx (Gemstone)

These unique and fun gifts are sure to make your 7th anniversary memorable. Choose the ones that resonate with your partner's interests and celebrate your love in a way that's meaningful to both of you.

Toast to your love with a stylish copper juice bottle! Copper symbolises beauty and durability, and this trendy bottle is perfect for enjoying refreshing beverages together. Stay hydrated and add a touch of elegance to your daily routine with this unique and practical gift.

Add a touch of glamour to your partner's jewelry collection with onyx earring charms. Onyx represents strength and stability, and these charms will bring a sense of sophistication to any outfit. Customise them to suit your partner's style, and watch their eyes sparkle as they wear these stunning accessories.

Surprise your loved one with a beautiful gold necklace adorned with freesia charms. Freesias symbolize friendship and thoughtfulness, making this necklace a heartfelt expression of your love. Its delicate beauty will captivate your partner, and they'll cherish this elegant piece as a reminder of your enduring connection.

Inspire your partner's creativity with a beautiful desk set that includes a stylish journal. Let them pour their thoughts onto the pages of this elegant journal, complete with a matching pen. This set will not only enhance their productivity but also add a touch of sophistication to their workspace.

8th Anniversary:

Bronze (Traditional) / Linen/ lace (Modern) Clematis (Flower) / Tourmaline (Gemstone)

8 years and counting, our love's as strong as bronze. But we'll celebrate with linens and lace, and a lilac bouquet to adorn our space. And with tourmaline, a gem so rare, our commitment shines beyond compare. Happy Anniversary!

Experience the magic of love with our exceptional gift ideas that are sure to light up your romance! Every Thursday, we're revealing a carefully curated collection of top-notch South African brands that will make your special day an unforgettable one and show your significant other just how much they mean to you. Don't miss out on the chance to make your loved one feel truly cherished!

Local ideas: 

🐝 Traditional: Bronze, Sarah Richards Pangolin

🐝 Modern: Linens/ lace, Nette Rose

🐝 Flower: Clematis (If you find a source, givce us a bzzzzz)

🐝 Gemstone: Tourmaline, Meraki 

8th wedding anniversary south africa bee festive

9th Anniversary:

Pottery (Traditional) / Leather (Modern) Bird of paradise  (Flower) / Lapis Lazuli (Gemstone)

Raise your glasses high and let's toast to another incredible year of love, laughter, and eternal happiness! As we celebrate our [X]th wedding anniversary, we're reminded of the beauty and significance of each symbolic element that represents our enduring bond.

In the realm of tradition, our relationship is as timeless and solid as a beautifully crafted piece of pottery. Just like the potter's hands shaping clay into a masterpiece, we've moulded our love and built a foundation that stands the test of time.

However, we're not ones to rest on tradition alone. We're all about keeping things fresh and exciting, which is why we're adding a modern twist to our celebration with a touch of luxurious leather. This contemporary element symbolises our willingness to adapt, explore, and embrace new experiences together, keeping our relationship dynamic and ever-evolving.

To infuse a vibrant and tropical vibe into our anniversary, we turn to the magnificent bird of paradise or strelitzia. Just like this exotic flower, our love blooms with an array of brilliant colours, captivating everyone who witnesses its beauty. It reminds us to embrace life's adventures and find joy in every moment, no matter how wild and extraordinary.

And let's not forget the regal elegance bestowed upon this occasion by the presence of the lapis lazuli gemstone. This exquisite gem symbolises truth, wisdom, and nobility. Like the deep blue hues of lapis lazuli, our love shines with authenticity and a profound understanding of one another, illuminating our path towards a future filled with shared dreams and aspirations.

So, here's to another year of growth, resilience, and building together. Let's continue shaping our love with the tender care of a potter, infusing it with the excitement of leather's modern touch, flourishing like the vibrant bird of paradise, and shining with the timeless elegance of lapis lazuli. Cheers to us, and to a lifetime of love and happiness!

Local ideas: 

🐝 Traditional: Pottery, Wonkiware

🐝 Modern: leather, Freedom of Movement

🐝 Flower: Bird of paradise  

🐝 Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli, Oh so boho

9th wedding anniversary south africa bee festive

10th Anniversary:

Tin (Traditional) / Diamonds (Modern) Daffodil  (Flower) / Crystal/ green tourmaline (Gemstone)

 decade of love calls for something special, like a tin filled with diamonds, daffodils, and green tourmaline crystals! Happy 10th anniversary!

Traditional: A tin represents the strength and resilience of a relationship that has endured the test of time. 

Modern: Diamonds symbolize strength, durability, and everlasting love, making them a perfect gift for a 10th anniversary. They are also said to bring clarity and balance, qualities that are essential for a successful and long-lasting relationship.

Flower: Daffodils symbolise new beginnings, rebirth, and the coming of spring. As such, they are often associated with hope, renewal, and optimism, making them a fitting choice for a 10th anniversary gift.

Gemstone: Crystal or green tourmaline are often associated with healing and protection. They are believed to promote clarity of thought, increase energy and vitality, and provide a sense of calm and balance.

Local ideas: 

🐝 Traditional: Tin, Babylonstoren

🐝 Modern: Diamonds, Anna Rosholt

🐝 Flower: Daffodil, Carol Boyes cake fork set

🐝 Gemstone: Crystal, green tourmaline

10th wedding anniversary south africa bee festive

11th Anniversary:

Steel (Traditional) / Fashion Jewellery (Modern) / Tulip (Flower) / Turquoise  (Gemstone)

Bee Festive brings you local Wedding anniversary gift inspiration. 11 years of buzzing love and steel-strong commitment! Celebrating our eleventh wedding anniversary with a touch of elegance and a dash of fashion. Embracing the beauty of tradition and the allure of modernity.

Steel may symbolise strength, but our love is even stronger! These gorgeous travel mugs are a no-brainer. And just like fashion jewellery, our bond sparkles and shines.

As we cherish the vibrant tulips blooming in our hearts, may our love forever remain as colourful and captivating. Try something slightly different and get these tasty macaroons.

And let's not forget the mesmerising turquoise gemstone, reflecting our deep connection and tranquility. What about these gorgeous sunglasses accessories.

Here's to another year of love, growth, and endless adventures together! Cheers to 11 years!

Local ideas: 

🐝 Traditional: Steel, Owl in the moss travel mug

🐝 Modern: Fashion Jewellery, Pichulik

🐝 Flower: Tulip, Watch me whip

🐝 Gemstone: Turquoise, Summer and salt

11th wedding anniversary south africa bee festive

12th Anniversary:

Silk (Traditional) / Pearls (Modern) Peony (Flower) / Jade (Gemstone)

This time, we're all about celebrating traditions in a modern and oh-so-cute way! 

Traditional: Silk - Because why settle for just any fabric when you can embrace the smoothness and elegance of silk? It's like a cozy hug from a thousand adorable caterpillars! Find unique silk goodies from our local brands that'll make you feel as luxurious as a bee in a silken cocoon!
How about these trendy scarves.

Modern: Pearls and Coloured Gems - It's time to add some shimmer and shine to your lives, my honeyed friends! Embrace your inner fashionista and adorn yourself with these precious treasures. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of pearls or the dazzling allure of colored gems, our local brands have got you covered with a range that'll make your wings flutter with joy! 
These pearl earrings...

Flower: Peony - Oh, the peony! This stunning bloom is as vibrant and beautiful as our bee community. Let's celebrate the power of these enchanting flowers by bringing their charm into our lives. Whether it's a bouquet, a potted plant, or even peony-themed accessories, let the allure of peonies bloom with local brands that make your heart skip a beat! 

Gemstone: Jade - Time to channel your inner zen, bees! Jade, the gemstone of serenity and harmony, is here to add a touch of tranquility to your day. From jewellery to home decor, embrace the calm vibes and explore our local brands that will help you create a sanctuary of peace and cuteness! 
These earrings are oh so gorgeous.

So, my bee-tiful friends, let's dive into this year's anniversary symbols with a big smile.

Local ideas: 

🐝 Traditional: Silk, Chapman Collection, Scarf

🐝 Modern: Pearls, Kirsten Goss

🐝 Flower: Peony, Adene flowers

🐝 Gemstone: Jade, Pichulik

12th wedding anniversary south africa bee festive

13th Anniversary:

Lace (Traditional) / Textile (Modern) /  Chrysanthemum (Flower) / Citrine (Gemstone)

Get ready to defy superstitions and celebrate our not-so-unlucky 13th anniversary in style! We're here to prove that 13 can be absolutely fabulous and full of laughter!

Traditional: Lace - Who needs luck when you have the elegance of lace by your side? It's a delicate web of beauty that casts its enchanting spell upon us! Embrace the luck of lace and indulge in exquisite creations that make us feel like the truly fortunate bees we are!

Modern: Textiles - Wrap yourself in creativity and quirkiness! From funky patterns to unique textures, let's explore the colourful world of textiles and showcase our bold bee fashion sense. Get ready to make a statement, trendsetting bees! 

Flower: Chrysanthemum - A burst of joy and laughter! Let's embrace the vibrant bloom and its happy vibes. From bouquets to floral accessories, let's spread cheer with local brands and bloom like fabulous bees!

Gemstone: Citrine - Sparkle and shine with positive vibes, my buzzing beauties! Citrine, the gemstone of abundance and happiness, brightens up our lives. Adorn yourself with citrine jewellery for a sunny glow and a reminder to embrace every joyful moment. 

Local ideas: 

🐝 Traditional:  Lace, Lingerie

🐝 Modern: Textiles, Table napkins

🐝 Flower: Chrysanthemum

🐝 Gemstone: Citrine, rings

13th wedding anniversary south africa bee festive

14th Anniversary:

Ivory (Traditional) / Gold Jewellery  (Modern) /  Dahlia (Flower) / Opal (Gemstone)

Fourteen buzzing years of love and sweetness!

Celebrating our anniversary with a touch of quirkiness, we've skipped the ivory and opted for an adorable elephant artwork instead. Let's protect our precious wildlife! Embracing the modern vibe, our love shines like gold jewellery, glistening with memories. Like a dahlia in full bloom, our bond blossoms in vibrant colours, spreading joy and happiness. And just like the opal's iridescent beauty, our journey together is a tapestry of ever-changing wonder. 

Here's to another year of bee-lieving in love, hive-ing fun, and embracing the sweetest moments nature brings us. 

Local ideas: 

🐝 Traditional:  Ivory, Elephant painting, Art by Mareli

🐝 Modern: Gold Jewellery, Anna Rosholt

🐝 Flower: Dahlia, Adene Flowers

🐝 Gemstone: Opal, Black Betty Designs

14th wedding anniversary south africa bee festive

15th Anniversary:

Crystal (Traditional) / Watch (Modern) / Rose (Flower) / Ruby, Garnet (Gemstone)

Marking our 15th year wedding anniversary with a unique twist, we've set aside traditional gifts and embraced the charm of crystal. Sparkling like precious gems, our love radiates with the brilliance of ruby and garnet. Like a well-crafted timepiece, our journey together has stood the test of time, treasuring every moment.

Just as a rose flourishes with elegance and grace, our bond has blossomed into a beautiful bouquet of shared memories. Captivating and vibrant like a dahlia in full bloom, our love spreads joy and happiness wherever we go.

As we celebrate this milestone, we honor the modern symbol of a watch, symbolizing the eternal ticking of our hearts in sync. Like the intricate craftsmanship of a watch, our love is a masterpiece, evolving with every passing second.

Here's to another year of believing in the power of love, buzzing with excitement, and embracing the sweetest moments that nature blesses us with. Together, we'll continue to protect and cherish our precious wildlife, just as we safeguard our extraordinary bond.

Local ideas: 


🐝 Traditional:Crystal, Amanda Jayne Candle

🐝 Modern: Watch, Freedom of Movement

🐝 Flower: Roses, Julep

🐝 Gemstone: Ruby, Anna Rosholt

15th wedding anniversary south africa bee festive

16th Anniversary:

Wax (Traditional) / Silver Hollowware (Modern) / Statice (Flower) / Peridot (Gemstone)

Now, we're diving into the hive of the 16th anniversary, drawing inspiration from Wax, Silver Hollowware, Statice, and Peridot.

Start the celebration with a warm glow, using Amanda Jaynes' locally-sourced beeswax candles available right here on Bee Festive. Just like worker bees crafting their hive, these candles symbolise the home you've lovingly built over sixteen years.

Next up, Silver Hollowware. Babylonstoren's insect box, a perfect blend of beauty and utility, celebrates the communal spirit of a hive. It's not just a gift; it's a piece of art to enhance your home, reminding you of the honey-sweet years you've spent together.

As for flowers, we can't ignore the Statice - a symbol of longevity and vibrancy. Check out Bloom Space for their beautiful dried Statice offerings, perfect for keeping a piece of your 16th anniversary alive and buzzing for years to come.

And finally, let's add a sparkle of Peridot to your anniversary. Anna Rosholt's stunning Peridot charms, available as hoop earrings or necklaces, capture the essence of the 'gem of the sun', radiating the warmth of your love.

That's it, busy bees! No matter how you choose to celebrate, remember the hive you've built, nurtured, and treasured together. Happy 16th anniversary! May your love buzz with sweetness, now and forever. 


Local ideas: 


🐝 Traditional: Wax, Amanda Jayne Candle

🐝 Modern: Silver Holloware, Babylonstoren Insect Box

🐝 Flower: Statice, Bloom space

🐝 Gemstone: Peridot, Anna Rosholt

16th wedding anniversary south africa bee festive

17th Anniversary:

Furniture (Traditional & Modern) / Carnelian (Flower) / Citrine or Amethyst (Gemstone)

Traditionally, the 17th year is celebrated with Furniture - a symbol of the sturdy, comfortable home you've built together. And what's more fitting than a stunning, modern piece from Pederson & Lennard? Remember, even a beehive needs a little home makeover sometimes!

Our 'flower' of choice this year is quite the gem - Carnelian! Okay, we know it's not a blooming beauty, but we're trading petals for sparkle this time around. Why? Because Carnelian, much like love, can withstand the test of time and outlast any bouquet! Get a buzz out of the beautiful Carnelian earrings from Raimondo, sure to add a lasting sparkle to your life.

Now, speaking of gems, let's 'bee' dazzled by the Citrine, the gemstone for this milestone. This sunny stone, like our buzzing friends, loves to soak up the sun and radiates positivity. Dear Rae's Citrine ring is the perfect token of this radiant love.

So, buzz over to our blog and 'bee' inspired by these 17th year anniversary gift ideas! After all, love isn't just about the birds and the bees, it's also about the furniture, the earrings and the gemstones!

Local ideas: 


🐝 Traditional& Modern: Furniture, Pederson & Lennard

🐝 Flower: Carnelian, Raimondo

🐝 Gemstone: Citrine or Amethyst, Dear Rae

17th wedding anniversary south africa bee festive

18th Anniversary:

Porcelain (Modern) / Nothing official, blue?! (Flower) / Cat's eye (Gemstone)

The 18th wedding anniversary is a special milestone that represents the enduring love and commitment you've shared over the years. While there are no official symbols for this anniversary, we have some delightful suggestions to make it a memorable celebration.

For the modern symbol, let's embrace the elegance and beauty of Porcelain. Just like this delicate material, your relationship has stood the test of time with grace and resilience. Consider surprising your loved one with a stunning piece of Porcelain art or a set of fine Porcelain houses as a beautiful addition to your decor.

As for the flower, let's add a touch of blue, which represents the colour of the 18th anniversary. A bunch of dried blue blooms, such as dried blue hydrangeas or blue delphiniums, will be a meaningful and visually stunning choice. They symbolise the depth of your love and the tranquility you've found in each other's company. 

The gemstone associated with the 18th anniversary is Cat's Eye. This mystical gemstone is known for its unique chatoyancy, resembling the eye of a cat. Consider a beautiful piece of jewellery featuring Cat's Eye, such as a pendant or earrings, as a symbol of the enchanting journey you've embarked on together. This time around we have quite stuck to the guidelines and we have gone for trendy, cat eye sunglasses.

As you celebrate your 18th anniversary, take a moment to reflect on the love, growth, and memories you've shared. Cherish the porcelain, embrace the beauty of blue blooms, and let the mesmerising Cat's Eye gemstone serve as a reminder of the depth and uniqueness of your love.

Browse our collection for more personalised and thoughtful gift ideas that will make your 18th anniversary celebration truly special.

Local ideas: 


🐝 Modern: Porcelain, Cream tea-light houses, Calico Ceramics

🐝 Flower: Cobalt blue mischantus, Bloom Space

🐝 Gemstone: Cat's eye sunglasses, Ballo

18th wedding anniversary south africa bee festive

19th Anniversary:

Bronze / Chilli Peppers (Modern) / Chrysanthemum (Flower) / Aquamarine (Gemstone)

Embarking on your 19th year of marital bliss, it's time to celebrate the journey you've undertaken together and the numerous adventures awaiting. The modern symbol for this anniversary, bronze, encapsulates the robust beauty of your enduring bond. Dylan Lewis's stunning bronze pieces would make a fitting tribute to this strength and resilience. Like bronze, your relationship has proven to be both sturdy and radiant.

Adding some spice to your 19th anniversary, chilli peppers serve as a fiery modern symbol, embodying the passion and spice that keeps love exciting. To celebrate with a local twist, consider gifting Funky Ouma's delectable chilli salt. It's a perfect reminder that no matter how many years pass, you can always keep things interesting!

Turning to the floral emblem for this milestone, the captivating Chrysanthemum stands for the cherished golden moments you've shared together. A bouquet of these vibrant blooms from Petal & Post could be a perfect gift, symbolizing the longevity and abundance of your shared years.

Finally, the cherished gemstone for this relationship milestone is the aquamarine. Known for its calming turquoise tones and maritime magic, consider a beautiful aquamarine ring from Dear Rae. Whether you're at sea or on land, here's to another year of love, excitement, and exploration! Your 19th anniversary is a testament to the fact that marriage, like the finest chilli pepper, only gets better with time!

Local ideas: 


🐝 Modern: Bronze - Dylan Lewis Sculpture / Chilli Pepper - Funky Ouma Chilli Salt

🐝 Flower: Chrysanthemum - Petal & Post

🐝 Gemstone: Aquarium - Ring from Dear Rae

19th wedding anniversary south africa bee festive

20th Anniversary:

China (Traditional) / Platinum (Modern) / Aster (Flower) / Emerald (Gemstone)

Navigating the sea of life, you've arrived at the glorious milestone of your 20th wedding anniversary. This landmark year is symbolised traditionally by China, signifying the delicate and beautiful nature of love. As a nod to this, consider gifting your loved one a customised bowl from Calico Ceramics, beautifully inscribed with your wedding date and names. This treasure could serve as a charming ring bowl, reminding you of your journey each time you glance at it.

In the modern sense, the 20th anniversary is associated with Platinum, representing the durability and strength of your bond. A platinum ring from Dear Rae would be a perfect commemoration of your love that has proven to be both enduring and radiant, much like a honeybee's dedication to its hive.

On the floral front, the Aster takes the spotlight. This star-shaped flower is a symbol of wisdom and patience - qualities that have allowed your love to bloom over these two decades. While presenting actual Asters may be traditional, how about a more lasting and unique gift? An Aster bottle opener or cake knife from Carol Boyes will constantly remind you of this special milestone and keep your love as fresh as blossoming flowers.

Finally, the gemstone marking this year is the dazzling Emerald. With its lush green hue that echoes the vibrancy of nature, it's a fitting symbol for a love that continues to grow and flourish. Imagine a custom Emerald ring from Anna Rosholt, much like a blooming flower amidst the wilderness, a testament to the beauty and resilience of your love. As you toast to your 20th anniversary, you not only celebrate the love you've nurtured but also the natural beauty you've helped protect by choosing local South African artisans.

Local ideas:


🐝 Traditional - China, Custom Hand-Lettered Plate from Calico Ceramics

🐝 Modern: Platinum - Greyish Yellow Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring from Dear Rae

🐝 Flower: Aster - Carol Boyes

🐝 Gemstone: Emerald, Anna Rosholt

20th wedding anniversary south africa bee festive

In conclusion, dear readers, we've embarked on an adventurous journey through the world of anniversary gifts. From the symbolic wood of the fifth anniversary to the iron strength of the sixth, and now exploring the cozy warmth of wool and the shimmering allure of copper for the seventh, we've witnessed the power of thoughtful gestures in celebrating love.

But fret not, for our exploration does not end here! I assure you, my dear readers, that I shall continue to unearth hidden gems of anniversary gift ideas for you week after week. So, stay tuned for more quirky suggestions and delightful surprises as we delve into the upcoming milestones.

And hey, if you have any whimsical ideas or suggestions of your own, don't be shy to shout them out! Let's make this journey even more extraordinary by sharing our collective creativity and celebrating love in the most unexpected ways.

Until next time, my fellow adventurers, let's keep the spark alive and let love guide us to the most extraordinary anniversary gifts that will leave our partners beaming with joy and admiration. Let's make each milestone an opportunity to create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime!

Yours truly,

The Curator of Quirky Anniversary Gifts.


Bee Festive.