Hive Highlights ft. Wild Kids Book SA

by Cayley Bolleurs
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Hive highlights ft. Wild kids book SA

Welcome to our Bee Festive weekly blog. We aim to showcase the diverse range of local South African brands. With a focus on highlighting their amazing and unique products, all made by passionate and creative individuals. At Bee Festive, we firmly believe that supporting local businesses is essential. Not only does it help boost our economy, but it also promotes the incredible talent and craftsmanship that exists within our country.

Each week, we will introduce you to a new brand, and share their story with you. We'll delve into what makes them special and explore how you can support them. So, come along with us on this exciting journey as we discover some of the best local brands in South Africa!

This week, we're thrilled to be featuring "Wild Kids BookSA". A brand that creates African animal storybooks. Their guides for children promote conservation and environmental sustainability. This makes them the perfect addition to any young reader's collection. With engaging and informative content, these storybooks are not only educational but also entertaining.

Please welcome Kayleigh, representing Wild Kid Book SA:

Tell me a bit about yourself:


Hello! My name is Kayleigh, and I'm a homesteading farmer's wife, and a homeschool mom to three wild children - Sophia, Asher, and Isla-Mae. I hold a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Plant Pathology from UKZN. I'm currently in the final stages of completing my Master's degree in Ecology and Conservation. Despite the busy life of being a mom and pursuing my academic goals, my family and I love spending most of our time birding on the Pongola River where we live, and exploring the game farm we manage in Mkuze. It's a great way for us to connect with nature and enjoy quality time together as a family.


What inspired you to create this brand?


It all started when I began homeschooling our oldest daughter, Sophia. Trying to make learning fun and relatable. I wrote stories for her about her and her brother and sister, incorporating the alphabet and our various animals. A few family members and friends saw the books and encouraged me to make them available to other children. And, so, the first book series, Sophia's Safari was born. Now, the goal is to highlight the importance of conservation and relatable reading material for South African children through fun, engaging, colourful, and relatable stories.

Can you tell me about the products you offer and what sets them apart from similar products on the market?


I offer a range of African animal story books, guides for visiting various game reserves (including a Kruger National Park guide), grade 1 readers (from A - Z) and a variety of other books. My books are created with South African children in mind. The stories and characters are based on my three children's own experiences of living in the Zululand bush, and the adventures and animals they encounter along the way. They are funny, bright, and totally engaging!

What is the story behind the name of your brand?


The term "wild" often implies something untamed or unbridled, which indicates the imaginative and thrilling nature of the books offered. Overall, the name "wildkidsbooksa" is a place where South African children can find and engage with stories that ignite their sense of wonder, and encourage them to embrace their curiosity and creativity.

Are your products handmade or locally sourced?


My books are all made personally, then printed locally. Our new range, "Wild Wear / Wild Water / Wild Life" are all locally made products and support other small businesses.

What are your values as a brand and how do they reflect in your products?


As a local, small business owner who writes books to raise awareness about conservation in South Africa, my values center around promoting environmental sustainability and positively impacting our planet. I believe that it's essential to educate children (and adults alike) about the importance of preserving our natural resources and protecting endangered species.

My books reflect these values by highlighting the beauty of South Africa's wildlife and ecosystems, and emphasising our critical role in preserving them. At Wild kids bookSA, we strive to make my books informative, engaging, and accessible to readers of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging them to become advocates for conservation. Moreover, I prioritise ethical and sustainable practices in my business operations, such as using eco-friendly materials in my books and minimising waste wherever possible. Overall, my brand values align with my commitment to making a positive impact on our planet, and I aim to reflect them in everything I do.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced as a local brand, and how did you overcome it?


My biggest challenge at the moment is courier costs, which is out of my control, unfortunately. Another challenge I face is the marketing and social media aspect. I have created my own website from, and Instagram handle from scratch, and posted all the content myself. I have had to learn about 'branding' and optimising my page as I go, which is all very new to me, and very much out of my comfort zone. I am a one-woman show and juggling all the aspects outside of just creating books has proven to be a challenge, but one I am happy to tackle.

What are your future plans for the brand?


The main plan is to keep creating phenomenal material for children. The second plan is to launch our Wild Wear, as well as other ranges where a percentage will go towards a conservation project that I am busy launching (and that is very close to my heart).

How can consumers best support your brand and the local community?

The best way to support is by showing some love on Instagram. A share, like, or save really does mean a lot to a small business owner like myself. I read every single comment and cherish every share. If you want to support our local rural community schools and the vultures of Zululand, then please purchase anything from the Wild Wear range. 10 % of sales go towards conservation.

Who is someone that inspires you?

You know what? I do. When I look back at this last year and all that my small brand has accomplished, I am so proud, and it inspires me every day to continue on this journey, hoping to make more of a difference in the years to come.

What is your favourite song?


At the moment, I am absolutely loving 'Waloyo Yamoni' (album: The Drop That Contained The Sea). The Soweto Gospel Choir are a part of the song and it's just beautiful.

What do you love most about South Africa?


I feel incredibly fortunate to call this country my home. From the breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife, to the rich cultural heritage and friendly people, there's so much to appreciate and admire. I also love the sense of community and warmth that permeates South African culture, which makes me feel welcomed and supported wherever I go. Overall, I feel grateful to live in such a vibrant and dynamic country that is full of opportunities and experiences. South Africa truly has something for everyone, and I can't imagine living anywhere else. As we say, "uBuntu!".

Is there anything you could say to someone wanting to start their own business?


It's tough, and filled with challenges, but the love and support you will receive along the way will make it absolutely worth while! Be unique, and creative, and stay humble and grateful.

Is there anything more you would like to add?


Thank you so much for having me and wishing you only joy, happiness and success!

Stay wild and curious. Love Kayleigh.

To end off our Hive highlights for the week:


We had an absolutely wonderful time having Kayleigh join us on our Hive Highlights blog. Thank you for sharing your insights with us, Kayleigh!

In this Bee Festive blog, we want to encourage everyone to support local South African brands like Wild Kids Books. By supporting local businesses, we can help our economy and showcase the incredible talent and craftsmanship that exists in our country. We hope you've enjoyed learning more about Wild Kids Books and their mission to promote conservation and environmental sustainability through engaging and relatable stories.

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We appreciate you joining us on this journey as we explore some of the finest local brands in South Africa on our inaugural edition of Hive Highlights. Thank you for being a part of it!

Check out the Wild kids book SA collection by clicking on the link below:

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